LN brand brings sophistication to modern women’s clothing with lace and hand-sewn embroidery. The harmony between the raw materials is the starting point for the creation of the pieces that bear the signature of the stylist Samia Baioneta. Created in 2014, the brand explores the beauty of lace in various shapes and designs, which is the brand's DNA in composition with other special materials such as silk, leather, tweed, and jacquards in pieces made by hand in limited edition. The manual embroidery and dyeing create an exclusive characteristic of the brand. The result is an original collection that exudes uniqueness. With this proposal, LN emerges as one of the most promising among the new labels from Minas Gerais. With a sophisticated look, the brand's author is on sale in the most high-end stores in Brazil and launches its collections at fairs such as Minas Trend, Casa Moda and Tranoi.

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